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will be passing year. while at present we have an imbalance in the minimum of people potentially useful tools for critique and see it but nothing comparable in relation to the norms to doctors. john doc and told us the soul. but he did so at a time when richard haas is cranking up negotiations with the north's political parties of all outstanding issues that the troubles. top of that list. the past. today the american diplomat who was in gary toomey groups including families who've lost loved ones and sunday the market. i did alright we don't think that. we need to get stuff. about all those few summer ice the reactions of victims' families from all sites. the ulster unionist party was closer to the court friday negotiations in nineteen ninety eight the dup had left the table the reaction of the current uup leader to jonathan's comments was typical of what's being said the cost of political spectrum. when i do agree with the attorney general of the verses that we have yet to come up with a mechanism for dealing with the cost which eloise said the demand for them will want them in full which w
've been meaning for the drain with a say about them is for us because we have a job that in any of them one way or the oboe. however this was less optimistic than fifty years of age of seven to fifteen years ago. and a team that was a chance then to sit down and talk and this will be told who have dismissed this break in their attempts to supply management and unions will commence a day to day consultation period on monday. it remains to be seen but that is still time to ten teams around. but that the jobs are gone. ingrid join just as from those terms and west of and he did the workers of the sea very shocked at this news but what i didn't think it is made to act on. he looks really good and the fact that there had been a dispute over the summer in relation to the deficit to the pension scheme as a dancing with the number of other companies the deficit is estimated that ten million hundred and four has put together for a bike. the company would it be detected a lump sum of twelve begin to cut the deficit and the workers would face higher contributions and not cited as benefits. however
and fifty nine inquiry have increased use no efforts to identify the teenager her failings the ideas never taken the un presented step of releasing her photograph in the hope to someone and there was information were taken just today in accordance with the high court judge in the sky to be sure to force the child and all. somebody help me cook us a child northeast china has any knowledge of his own. that would make contact us the idea but he i good at his age fourtn or fifteen and from europe. she speaks broken english but has gone pictures for officers and health care workers detectives believe her clothes were bold in our names. the herat store spaces fess up and dedication to incident room and a repeating to anyone who may recognize this young girl to contact them. they sing any information they receive will be present in the strictest of confidence. this is about the welfare of a child's room fourteen fifteen year old child would ask people to call an assist as the younger of remains in the care of the hate and see. as investigations continue. she may cause the fourteen news dump them.
no life unemployment post with the knowledge that in four years the economy using sixty on the job. now even economy crazy. a dramatic turnaround since the government opposition parties' as youth unemployment is still a problem. we see far too many people were commonplace for sin not creating enough jobs to get to keep the ball and played chelsea own people especially. you do. welcome to six mm on the health service executive has apologized to the parents of a brain damaged twelve year old girl. the high court approved an interim assessment of just over two and a half million euro for pushing conroy from russert and port beach who sued for her mother has several holes these results are pressed midlands regional hospital in port beach in two thousand and one. our parents criticized the length of time it took to settle the action kevin and very calmly waited twelve years for today settlements. they'd already wasted nine years to find out what really happens to their children she married tom wright went to port the ship general hospital four days before the current effort to offer in two t
of the european central bank financed rates reduction tool called serve one cents us inflation is low across the eurozone on staff areas by nxt still need help. mari hiv expects rates to remain low for some time. we expect from our updates and even the latest figures on inflation that to be relaxed and for some period of time said extended and prolonged and. the we won't be clear on the length of time of this period in december. falling rates reduction in day to day samantha by the european sense of time to reduce rates to zero point two five percent is for the good news for items three hundred and seventy five. tyson's tracker mortgage holders. back in to save thirty euro a month on every two hundred and fifty has ensured they still owe on their mortgage. and i'm on tomorrow. rte news. joe showed me the knits in frankfurt for a sample the couple has confirmed that the essential few friends to a small spring and the staff perhaps for her mortgage holidays today but what does it mean for that. the wider irish economy. while the rate cuts wasn't done by the european central bank to help irish
of two thousand and three. detective garda done you begin to use it all the euro fraud investigation told the court that he arrested bernard eighty one forty four warrants by appointment. one atop the softer noon and sixty five year old replied not guilty to each of the four charges. mr thom browne said the dpp director bernard day he faced trial on a diaper before the higher circuit criminal court. he saw an adjournment of twelve weeks to the same date as his co accused the former head of treasury entitled to money for service to the evidence bernard daily news provided on bail to appear in court again next week. the court was also told today that the was no factual connection between this case the pending trial of three other former executives of anglo irish punk poncho she would always order to let nothing be published. i could prejudice the case for the rights of the accused in this case were dictating to a fair trial. for adults fourteen use the dublin district court. the chairman of the eu imf clicking here has said that the federal thin honor society of portland artists share the i
increase in the navy used to ensure everyone pays the same price for the same cover but tried the means of further next year. across the entire market that gets me to drive an increase because even if you look at this ordeal in tokyo forced to leave the market. therefore those that remain are more likely to play more and therefore cost more. insurers estimate end of the increase will mean the average payment by a family with two children would rise by three hundred and twenty eight euro a year and coupled with the recent budget cuts to tax relief the last four years. nearly a quarter of a million people have dropped their private health cover and many of these are young people the model is premised on a steady inflow of you and help the people the unfortunate thing from our point of view is communal to the book of changes and these levees. we are to push it. children are people out of the system the hia which has the largest portion of order customers has welcomed the net increase in to protecting the market and companies cherry picking younger less expensive subscribers in the bowen to
. there will be strike action unless they are the result of us. payment deadlines minister didn't come for asking me to read the new chief two nights. we have no interest of the government has been getting the bulk of the monument than us. you are welcome to six one as thousands of war which voters continue to struggle to stay on top of their home loans. a new initiative of the north by one of the country's biggest lenders. ait has teamed up with the arch will that showed association which works with distressed borrowers. the group it's been highly critical of aig in the past says it will act as an intimate journey for any id and ubs customers who don't wish to approach the bank directly. it's an unusual pairing are on the left up to the hall of the ice mortgage holders organization and on the right to a senior at the executives the two organizations rarely see eye to eye and the eye and hit show regularly takes and b to task over its dealings with people in mortgage difficulty. but as of today the support group is teaming up with the ab to help address it to rehearse crisis. in a very very afraid i
truly are great. because the thinking goes to brazil with a walk. and to the store told us that info to follow why is it the fastest has taken the beach and referencing hates me. i feel they're fully armed robberies illegal in county tipperary have been taken to the stations and the county to be questioned. a couple and their two young children lack in their home in candle to the raiders broken chair and pick up this morning the honors. when the last two man because he had been searching for for over six hours in the early hours this morning were arrested. around three o'clock this morning and i've gotten broken here to the home of a business woman her husband and her family in kevin nolan county tipperary. they hiss mark corcoran with the political and breaking his nose. and then tied him up along with his wife emma. before ransacking the house and stealing cash jewelry and the family car. the couple's three children were in the house at the time neighbors said today the family were subjected to a horrific ordeal. a disservice to the door. in all of them are fat or title there are a
to shooting the quilts and causing him to use a night. the judge set the pace dropped like a script from love hate crime cars clinton called reynolds has just clicked. they were lifelong friends and knew each other since they were babies but because of the pervasive and sinister influence of organized crime one of them has now been imprisoned for as long as he's already hit the other has been disabled for the rest of his life. on the thirteenth of january this year. chaka khan and luke wilson. here in memorial park in court to get it going to come turn to the nine millimeter hunt going on was his childhood friend and shot him three times in the neck arm and face. he then stood over him and tried twice to shoot him again. the new job each time. no quotes and told the guardian after he was shot near the civic i was bent over him and it felt like he was searching his pockets before you run off however the kind dropped his mobile phone and listen thinking it was easily picked it up and the last nine nine nine told the emergency services did in shots. many thought he was going to die. however he t
injury. i used to hold a gala just want to get to the bottom of the mirror man of mystery. the film ends on the home inspected just wanted to be able to go home no hopes of even the locals of all things scientific. you do. welcome to six won. in the country's first competed and solvency deal our two youngest sons of the borrower and vault has had an excess of seventy percent of his death written all the rage with the greater the creditors' meeting this afternoon. the offices of the mill the group new beginning the borrowers is an agency worker from tony cole who is a partner in a business arrangement which failed. an ordinary room for an extraordinary nice thing it was here for the first insolvency deal was agreed this afternoon. in this case the borrower got into difficulty following the failure of the family business. that left the individual with a residual death he couldn't pay. last month he went into insolvency in mama and circuit courts and today he secured a deal from the scriptures. it's understood over seventy percent of the steps have been written off. the firsts that it said
to a new report from simplifying three hundred and sixty thousand people now use license money lenders majority of them to pay for police. coming events on the consumer credit act companies or individuals can register as money lenders and the pr for gold is extremely high interest rates to customers. the number of active licensed vendors and ireland has fallen to forty the number of customers has risen from three hundred thousand to three hundred and sixty thousand according to research carried out for a new report published by the central bank surprisingly perhaps this research shows that customers of illegal money lenders site to a higher level of satisfaction with the service so somehow positive experiences but not all of a car that i have time i have a paycheck that. generally that room and a goat to rates of any really amounted to a bike. notorious s twenty york to centerpoint has a number of concerns about the increasing use of money lenders. it seems there's more people are cheating the morning benders on the longer term basis. only considered to be zoned r c sharp turn owns the
professionals advise us of retaking this investigation first was a leading figure of the peace process i really didn't die as tributes poured in from both sides of the board activities in extortion and clinics or the conviction that it would make a contribution to bringing people together in horrific situations. feeling welcome to six one. police in britain the cbd giving more details of the investigation into the case of three women allegedly held as slaves for thirty years the highest in south london. a senior officer said that they were trying to understand what he called the invisible hand cuffs that we used to control the woman he also spoke of brainwashing and the season in fifth and charged a man and woman both aged fifty seven and been released on bail until next time you're aa fumble on the break and he has this report. in a normal community. the normal house where police say with the lyrics to outsiders normal family life was taking place somewhere here in the sprawling number theory of self love them. three women were subjected to captivity and server to modern day slavery eventually
. within four hundred is likely to use their talents but the ends of time to see. this year and e's seen in such a city restaurant can to make salsa cheese declares that the company has links to the serious stuff in finite other sites like that of mst sites around the country that those jobs aren't his wrist watch and thank you for the us. the fashion retailer the warehouse gone into receivership late developments affecting more than three hundred and fifty jobs the company has been pity on her exam ownership since early october but efforts to turn the business around wrong successful. a wearer has been part of the actually kill non skid since the sixties own for a long period by brian thomas and occupied the middle of the fashion market inning for a couple looks at affordable prices. but changing trends not dramatically change the business environment meant to run into trouble frost and take some ownership in october. its owners hoped it could shore up its faltering mobile today the doors closed on its thirty one irish art lets an admission that the protests of fields awesome workouts.
is under full control of a bank. the jury is out of the turnoff is equipped with both of us of how i go home. a major part in general i think it's very sad day for me from the breach reading out his segment sales going on. this is just a little. see if any effect on tickets have a good facility like this for as i can think. well today expressed relief that were hunted to customers. healy with some of the most common queries about the change. it also contains an undertaking to pay dividends to depositors. the first in three years. a spokesperson denied this was to garner support for the ptsd takeover would rather to reward customers who have twenties on deposits. when many others were moving their phones from kubrick's credit union. one good thing brian relation to the dividend. there is no information on the ice as to when that didn't make the paint. how much it may be worth twenty depositors that may be looking forward to is to bide their time on the ice for the moment. a good delivery and uber sensitive but just aware of especially enjoyed the shawl philippines central bank agreed to
at nine a position to use those credit cards to make these purchases. well worth the work was sentenced to three years brick store to see o'brien says he's ashamed of assumptions. you do cheers or protection commissioner said this evening got the credit card details of up to cost a million people across europe may have been compromised the suspected cyber crime attack us and loyalty built the county fair. clara based company runs a special offers an incentive schemes for major retailers in ireland the uk and elsewhere in europe. the payment details from around seventy thousand customers in ireland. a belief that the stone in the attack. inspectors from the office of the data protection commissioner of writing a million t p o d in county kerry today the company that manages get away breaks for both super value and angst insurance is now at the center of the major cyber crime investigation. last week it emerged the payment details of thirty thousand super value customers had been compromised. but now the company has confirmed that the breach is more extensive than first colds and it's est
policy or overdraft facility is michael noonan has described us when we leave the troika bail out next month. why is this an issue for the past three years the extra money the government is needed to run the state over and above tax revenues has been borrowed from the troika out the same time the state has built up by huge cash reserves parking borrowed from the bond market enough to cover all of next year's needs on top of the following year. the question was what the government need an overdraft a pre arranged facilities to cover next year's budget deficit. just in case things turned out in the markets and they couldn't borrow anymore for twenty fifteen. michael newman are due to one year facility what i wanted to day decisions that need to be taken now on a final exit from troy to supervision. we took a precaution the program we have to make all these decisions. this time next year. i can foresee that circumstances will be as benign next year as the head teacher. and of course we'd be wheezing far. the results of this taste testing across the european banking system this time next y
of charities. our team requested an interview this afternoon about the use of funds raised percent of books. so far there has been no response the government has made its position clear on top of the page above the sink and put the phones they're ok limits across the service and they must apply to balenciaga and isaiah. rich even though they are violent. from that led the state. what's not get here is what impact this outreach controversy the crc samuel increased its fundraising drive. two more greedy or cheeky news the sentiment is nice and clean your own has been made to the family of the young boy who suffered catastrophic brain injuries during prayer last year the heat it's the acme supply of tennessee in the case and sixty road it didn't get me who was deliberate as waterford regional hospital in july of two thousand and seven today's topics that the company welcomed the outcome but that they had been torn and i feel like you dylan gaffney suffers from cerebral palsy. for the past six years. his parents jean and thomas provided him with running the clock care. born in july twenty seconds
. the cleats easily delete those between us construct an alternative structure. so they can relate and decently and peace. you do. welcome to six one fifty eight euro to belfast on the anonymous just might be getting a sixteen year prison sentence for repeatedly raping his daughter on yet items up for a drive in west belfast was found guilty last month after a three week trial on ten counts of sexual abuse. forty year old mrs on your toes from walking with their sister from belfast crown court this morning but they had seen their father given a sixteen year jail sentence for abuse offences on yet in the center was his victim. if you've started when she was four and continued for almost six years. fifty eight year old liam adams of the dead rise in west belfast based ten charges including three ipos and decency of three afraid with two coyotes on the collapse for the good races in april and one that included a guilty verdict on october the forest. the madam second wife rona and one of their daughters often accompany them to those proceedings. his two daughters from that marriage gave evidence f
." ♪ captioning made possible by u.s. department of education >> a millennium of struggle for self-determination has forged a hardy people and a vibrant culture. with its untamed highlands, and windswept islands, spectacular lochs and glens, intriguing cities, and amazing hospitality, it is scotland. ah! ♪ scotland is in the north of great britain, and has a land and culture that is completely distinct from england. my journey begins in the city of glasgow and historic stirling. from there, i head to the island of isla, and make my way up the west coat to the isle of skye. i cross the highlands to loch ness and strathdon, and fly on to the orkney islands. then, it's down to edinburgh with a quick round of golf at saint andrew's, before taking in the madness of the edinburgh festival. ♪ glasgow is scotland's largest city. it's infamous for housing schemes like easter house, goven, and the gorbals. but, since being crowned the european city of culture in 1990, glasgow is enjoying a cultural renaissance. my first stop, the exquisite arthouse hotel. thank you very much. third floor
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